Welcome to Grankullavik

Lovely and relaxing moments in Bödabukten.

Sun and bath

Experience your holiday days in northern Öland

Cozy cottages with sea views

Enjoy nice days when you rent your cottage with us

Welcome to Grankullavik

Lovely and relaxing moments in Grankullaviken

Öland sports fishing center

Northern Öland is one of Europe's best sea trout sites.
Catching big sea trout in spring and autumn is no coincidence

Cozy cottages with sea views

Enjoy nice days when you rent your cottage with us

Sun and bath

Experience your holiday days in Grankullavik leisure village

Grankullavik's beach

Here are two bathing bridges and two rafts

Visit us virtually!

Grankullavik's holiday village & Öland sports fishing center

Holiday with sun and bath, pleasant accommodation and lovely excursions.

Grankullavik Fritidsby is located on the northernmost Öland only 50 m from the sea, right next to the nature reserve Trollskogen. Grankullavik is an excellent area for swimming and recreational fishing. The area is very child friendly with a wonderful environment, large green spaces, playground, small bikes, rowing boats and tennis court. Rowing boats and tennis court are included in the cottage rental during summer time.

Here is also a cozy sandy beach with two jetties and two floats. The surroundings are also perfect for those seeking the tranquility and proximity to nature. Grankullavik Fritidsby with its well-equipped cottages is also a suitable base for a holiday on the northernmost Öland. It is as close to the Bay of Böda in the east as it is to the cliffs in the west, if you do not choose to swim in the bay outside the door.

There is a restaurant in the area during the summer and many nice restaurants in the immediate area.

Free rowing boats 15/6 - 20/8. The mile-long sandy beach of Böda Bay is 2 km. Many excursion destinations and Northern Europe's most beautiful cycle path in connection with the area.


Celebrate Midsummer on Öland in one of our cottages near the sea and Böda bay for miles of sandy beach. 

OFFER 2024

Rent 2 weeks, pay for 1 (valid 8 to 29 June)

  • Cottage 43 m2 Cottage 43 sqm 4 beds: SEK 10,900 for 2 weeks
  • Semi-detached house 54 m2 Semi-detached house 54 m + terrace 18 m2 with sea view, 2-6 beds: 11.900 SEK for 2 weeks

Why should you come to Grankullavik?

  • Overnight in cozy, larger and well-equipped cottages with a view of the water
  • Row out with a rowing boat and enjoy the sea breeze or try your luck at fishing
  • Swim in the water right in front of the hut
  • Experience the peace
  • Sit on the cliffs Neptuni fields with coffee basket and watch the sunset
  • Cycle path in direct connection
  • Activities for children
  • Rent a bike
  • Rowing boats and tennis are included
  • Rent a motorboat

Sights you must not miss!

  • Borgholm Castle

  • Alvaret med sin speciella flora

  • Eketorps borg

  • Bird life at northern Öland's lighthouse

  •  Solliden Castle, Borgholm

  •  Bödabuktens mile-long sandy beach

  •  A walk through Himmelsberga

  •  VIDA museum and art gallery

  •  Sunset at Byxelkrok

  •  Ölands Museum Himmelsberga

  •  Öland's harvest festival

Grankullavik and surroundings

Grankullavik and surroundings, a sun-drenched meeting point on northern Öland.

Here, as a tourist, you have what you need for your time here with us to be a time of recovery and joy.

Sun and swimming are abundant in our surroundings, but a summer stay also needs the blue soft evenings to be complete.

Here you can enjoy the various restaurants nearby. In the balmy evening you can listen to the troubadour and look out over the sparkling sea. People stroll by when you eat a meal in good company. There is something for everyone, children and adults. In the surroundings there is a center for trade, activities and entertainment. Here you can play mini golf, stroll in the lively fishing harbor among all the fishing boats, buy fresh fish, buy an ice cream and watch the life of the people, take a trip to Blå Jungfrun, drive go.cart on Öland's coolest course etc.

At the scenic Grankullaviken at the top of the north, the lighthouse Långe Erik welcomes you. This lighthouse is a slender-yes, purely beautiful-stone lighthouse.

A signposted walking path goes around the small leafy island with lovely views of the sea and Grankullaviken.

Trollskogen covers Öland's northeastern cape and is truly an enchanting tourist destination. Trollskogen is the work of the sea and the winds and its allure is walks, activities for children and a fantastic nature experience.

You can also travel by train. Of course Öland has a railway. It is the old disused Bödabanan that has arisen. The beautiful forest railway locomotive "grandmother" steams between Trollskogen and Fagerrör - 1.5 km.

Another wonderful excursion is to take a boat to the national park in the middle of Kalmarsund, the Blue Virgin. Here you can hike on marked trails and enjoy fantastic views of a sparkling strait. Countless flowers bloom here and as many as seventeen bird species nest here.

Bicycle path on northern Öland

The Neptune round begins directly outside Grankullavik Fritidsby.

The Neptune Round sounds as beautiful as it is. A magnificent nature strikes the cyclists who embark on the approximately one and a half mile long cycle path on the northernmost outpost of our elongated island.

The sun glistening in the sea, the flowers on Neptuni Fields, the view from Långe Erik and a dip in Grankullaviken. It can hardly be better.

Neptune fields in bloom are something that all people should experience.

The view over Kalmar Sound is adorable and the Blue Virgin shines green against the horizon.

Cycling on Öland

Long Erik, a beautiful view and history

Long Erik northern Öland's best view. The lighthouse is located on Öland's large base and northern cape. The 32 meter high lighthouse is built in beautiful white limestone and has 138 steps up to the balcony where you can enjoy a wonderful view of a sparkling blue sea and Öland's beautiful landscape. The lighthouse was completed in 1845 and from the beginning had a driving force for the rotation of the lenses, a vertical clockwork, which took just over an hour to complete. This old clockwork still remains up in the tower and was taken out of service during the lighthouse's electrification in 1947. 

Until this year, on-duty lighthouse keeper spent most of the shift time up in the tower (during lighthouse time). From 1910 until 1985, there was a fog signal facility at the lighthouse. There were 3 positions as lighthouse keeper and lighthouse keeper, which also included work as a weather observer. The workers lived with their families in the adjacent residential buildings. The lighthouse lacked a land connection until 1965, when the current bridge was built. The lighthouse was automated in 1976 and after that it was only the service as a weather observer that was staffed on Öland's northern cape. In the autumn of 1991, the large lantern in the lighthouse was extinguished to be replaced by a small lighthouse mounted on the lighthouse's balcony.

Today you can visit the lighthouse and get a fantastic view or guided tour. Enjoy a coffee in the adjacent café or have a look at the souvenir shop.

Our cottages

Holiday home 4 beds
43 sqm

14 cabins - no 1-2, 5-16

Holiday home 6 beds
54 sqm

2 cabins - no 3 and 4

Double cottage 4-6 beds
54 kvm

6 cabins - no. 17-19, 21, 23, 24

Villa 10 beds
130 kvm

Villa with sea view & Jacuzzi.


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